Manage GitHub project in Linear

While I was working on my simple personal project: issues-blog , I experimented with Linear to manage this small project.

Linear surprised me by being a powerful and elegant tool for managing issues and projects. It has nice and modern UI/UX, and more responsive than JIRA.

Screenshot of Linear app

Connect Linear with GitHub

Linear comes with integration with GitHub of course: GitHub - Linear Guide . To enable it, go to Settings, and under Integrations -> GitHub we can connect Linear with GitHub pull requests.

Linear connect to github pull requests

A very basic way is to link Linear issue by branch name, e.g. lauren/ENG-123-fixing-loading-issue.

Copy branch name under Linear issue

If a PR is created using this branch name, Linear will automatically link to the issue, and move it to In Progress, and after the PR is closed, it will automatically be marked as Done.