Here are some works of mine 📚


Research, open source and contest projects are included.

Sketch to Art

This project helps turn your casual sketches into beautiful artwork automatically, based on Deep Learning image-to-image translation and arbitrary style transfer.

Final project for Digital Image Processing course, supervised by Dr. Jia Yan.

Jun. 2018, Python

[Demo] [GitHub] [Report]

Quality Assessment using Contrast Enhancement

No-reference image quality assessment metric by using SSIM of original and equalized image.

Mar. 2018, MATLAB


Samples for AI

MSRA student project, supervised by researcher in MSRA. Contributed to Microsoft official samples-for-ai for Visual Studio Tools for AI. Implemented and tested DCGAN, Capsule, ACGAN example using VS.

Mar. 2018, Python


Nvidia Jetson Smart Car

A deep learning-powered smart car prototype built on Jetson embedded system. A work of HACKxFDU Contest (Biggest Hackathon in China)

Technical: Caffe SSD Object Detection, OpenCV tracking, ROS, Hardware

Nov. 2017, Python, C

UShot App

Using AI to analyze your photo and provide tips on improving your photography skills.

Technical: Caffe Deep Learning model deploy, Scene Recognition, Android App, RESTful API

Oct. 2017, Java, Python, Android

Intelligent Chatbot for the University

A chatbot based on natural language processing and machine learning. Won the 2nd Prize (2/1100) in 2017 Beauty of Programming (Microsoft Research Asia & IEEE)

Technical: KBQA-based Model, Image Classification, Caffe Image Aesthetics Analysis Model, Azure Deployment

Aug. 2017, Python, Javascript, C#

Automatic Piloting Quadcopter

Built an automous quadcopter control system with machine vision. Won the 1st Prize in 2017 National Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest, Hubei Province

Technical: Cascade PID Controller Algorithm, Real-time Object Tracking based on Image Processing, ARM STM32 board.

Aug. 2017, C, STM32

FPGA based Electronic Weighing System

Built a weighing system with FPGA. Won the First Prize in 2016 National Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest, Hubei Province

Technical: FPGA, Signal Processing

Jul. 2016, C, Verilog

Open Source Software

Your Awesome Homepage

The homepage skeleton based on VuePress that powering the site you see now.

Apr. 2018, Javascript, Vue



A cross-platform work management app to organize your piled work at one place. Made with Electron and Vue.js

Feb. 2018, Electron, Javascript, Vue

[GitHub] [Electron]

Keras Model Deploy Template

A template for deploying deep learning models (Keras, Tensorflow, Pytorch, etc) as a web application.

Jan. 2018, Python, Keras



Universal Windows Program. Using Microsoft emotion API to test tacit agreement with your friend. A Microsoft Student Summer Camp project.

Aug. 2016, C#



Image Aesthetics Assessment Using Composite Features From off-the-shelf Deep Models

Xin Fu, Jia Yan, Cien Fan

IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP), 2018 as Presentation


No-Reference Quality Assessment of Contrast-Distorted Images using Contrast Enhancement

Jia Yan, Jie Li, Xin Fu

Journal of Visual Communication and Image Representation, 2018 (Under review)


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